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How to order a new card

Online registration

It starts with a free online registration. Only basic information is required - name, age, etc.

Fill out a form

After the basic registration, you will fill out a form to help us determine your financial goals.

Sign a contract

This completes the procedure for opening an account with Dot Bank to start using your card.

Using your card

You can use your card to buy products you need or to open a secure repository with many advantages.

0,00€ HT

Basic Cards

This option is perfect if you have no experience of online banking but would like to have a card for all types of payment in the selected currency.

- Not recommended

59,99 € HT

Standard Cards

This offer gives you extensive support for your financial needs and is able to cover the needs of individuals and business customers.

- Recommended

129,99 € HT

Premium Cards

This card VEVO Group Bank proved to be a great financial solution for large companies and international organizations worldwide.

- Recommended


VEVO Group Bank will not disclose any of your personal information to third parties without your permission.