Life insurance

You have money you want to save to buy a home, or you want to buy a holiday home abroad in the future? Or you simply want one for a rainy day when you retire? In these cases, you can take out life insurance. As part of such insurance, the insurer pays a capital or an annuity agreed in advance, provided you are still alive at the end of contract. These assurances are also called insurance with endowment.

There are different types of life insurance. They differ in that the recipient (your partner, your children or someone else) will receive if you die before the end of your contract. There are 3 possibilities:

  • Beneficiaries receive nothing. The insurer pays only if you are still alive at the end of contract. This is a SRDC, deferred capital without refund of premiums;
  • Beneficiaries are refunded all premiums paid to the insurer in the contract of current. This is a RDPC, deferred capital with repayment (bonuses);
  • Beneficiaries are reimbursed not only all premiums paid, but also the products interest and any beneficial interests. This is a CDAE, deferred capital with refund of acquired reserves.